This is Craftworkz

Craftworkz is a software company, which focuses on innovative technologies in the form of prototyping. As part of the Cronos Groep, we are able to make event the greatest ideas a reality. We hear about many innovations for small startups and big enterprises, but we notice that a lot of those new concepts don’t get released. This realization of the first prototype, or MVP, is what we do best. We have a strong focus on artificial intelligence, but we also integrate these algorithms into mobile apps, websites and cloud architectures. From chatbots to augmented reality, Craftworkz is the one-stop-shop for innovative prototypes that can push your business to the next level.


Meet the Team

These are the people who make Craftworkz

How it started

Craftworkz was born out of a collaboration of four Belgian friends. All entrepreneurs with different profiles, to form a great team. Ever since, Craftworkz has been building prototypes for both startups and large companies. Next to working hard, they also like to have fun, Craftworkz started as, and still is, a big group of friends. The team quickly grew to twenty strong, and as of 2018 they started a branch in Amsterdam. With their wide variety of competences and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies, they can boost innovation for any company by building working prototypes!

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