VR – Voice Assistant


Voice interaction in VR might be very useful, since you do not have your hands free.


A VR experience where you can talk to a virtual teacher, the teacher will give feedback on your actions and guide you through the experience.


Voice interaction in VR is very useful, especially giving feedback on actions of the user, works great for educational purposes.

VR - Voice Assistant

This project is a training application for people in the home-care industry. They can learn where to put groceries they got for their clients. For example, where to put a pineapple that is not yet ripe, or where do you save a cauliflower? The voice interaction made a big difference in the experience, before the users felt a bit lost and asked a lot of questions. With the voice interaction, the users where guided, and got valuable feedback, right at the moment they need it.

"It was really interesting to think about the many ways that people are going to use this: Combining VR, voice-control and a chatbot!"

Maria Molenaar

ServiceVR, Voice, Chatbot

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