Talking teddy


Help children express their feelings by talking to a teddy-bear.


An teddy-bear that can talk, he will ask questions, and emphasizes with the child.


Stuffed animals could be a great companion for different groups of vulnerable people.

Talking Teddy

Talking Teddy is a toy that children can talk with. The bear interprets how a child feels and informs the parents if necessary. The bear does a sentiment analysis of the text and sends this information to a dashboard. If the child expresses problems, for instance when the child is feeling down or angry, the teddy will let the parents know.

Talking teddy is fitted with a Raspberry Pi, microphone, camera, speakers. The conversational interaction is powered by Oswald, teddy also uses various cloud services from Google and Watson. The dashboard is a web-application that can be opened in any browser.

ServiceIoT, Internship

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