Pepper the Mentalist


Can we make a robot read the minds of people?


Pepper the robot, can do a mentalist performance, together with a real mentalist.


Showing that a robot can be a mentalist, is a great way to get people thinking about the future of AI and Robotics.


Pepper the Mentalist

Pepper, the friendly robot shows his abilities to read the minds of people. He can give a show containing multiple mind-blowing moments. For this show, we have a collaboration with real mentalist, Alex Blackwood.

Pepper will appear live on stage as multiple times in the coming year. The main goal of the performance is to get people thinking about what AI will look like in the future. We hope to get people thinking about the future of AI and the ethics that are needed. We noticed that the show is a great inspiration, and really gets people thinking about the future of technology.

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