Money Splitter


Keep track of expenses in a group conversation.


A chatbot that will automatically register expenses that are discussed in a chat. It can give you an overview, calculate the differences and do the actual transaction.


Since messaging is the new platform, this application is a perfect example of the future of human computer interaction.


Money Splitter

The moneysplitter chatbot is an intelligent bookkeeper can be part of a chat group. The bot can follow the conversation, if it recognizes an expanse, it will ask for the required details and write these to a database. The bot can be used with multiple users and calculate the differences for the payments that each member made.

When a users asks for it, the application will calculate the results and send the payment information to all users. The chatbot is integrated in Facebook and Whatsapp, it is also voice enabled and can be used with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

ServiceDesign, Web Design

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