Augmented Reality Support


Use augmented reality to point to objects from a remote location.


Use a phone to share what you are looking at, a connected person can actually mark objects in the environment that you observe with your phone.


Being able to point at something from a remote location is amazingly useful, for instance for machine maintenance support.


Augmented Reality Support

The project is related to a machine maintenance support company. They sometimes struggle to explain things over the phone, or even with video. Together we came up with the idea to use AR to add actual markers on the object of interest.

The application is built using AR-Kit, the built in localization of AR-Kit is further improved by using a computer vision algorithm, this algorithm tries to match images to see if the marker is still at the correct position. Additional to the object marking, we included an option for chat and options to exchange pictures, making this a complete remote-support suite.


ServiceDesign, Web Design

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