Let's go on a journey

By working together we want to achieve growth of your products or services. Explore the journey from concept to working prototype, and the road to production. You can choose your own entry and exit, together we define a path that fits your needs! Are you ready? Let’s go!

Design Sprint / Design Thinking / Workshop

Craftworkz wants to empathise with the customer and user, this is crucial for alignment on needs and business goals. Through these insights we are able to clearly define the problem space, and ideate on possible solutions.

After the design phase you have a clearly defined Concept

Plan of Action / Backlog / Development

Further research is performed on the developed ideas, focusing on impact and effort. This will result in a plan of action with a clear scope. Features from the scope will be build by running one or more sprints.

After the development you have a working Prototype

User Testing / Analytics

The solution is tested against the expected needs and business goals, often through user testing. We then analyse the feedback gathered from these tests, and come to conclusions. Results and recommendations for next steps are delivered in a report.

After the validation you have a strengthened Vision

Why should you prototype?

The journey from concept to market is typically a long road riddled with hidden obstacles and unforeseen turns. Building a prototype for your ideas can help smooth that path as well as present some other benefits, like early user testing and fast bottleneck detection. Proven techniques that are widely used by companies that want to deliver the best products and services possible to their customers.

Together with you, we conceptualize ideas, into a clear overview of possible solutions. We want to understand the customer and the users which we are building for. We start by identifying and researching technical challenges, before we start actual development, this will decrease risk, and ensure a fast delivery. For the building phase, we compose a multi-disciplined team that will build the prototype that fits your idea. When a prototype is complete, the results will prove if your needs, or business goals are achieved.


Going to production

Of course, the journey does not have to end with a newly acquired vision. We can get your prototype, all the way to a market-ready product.

When you are happy with your prototype and would like to take it to production, a new journey will be planned. We design our prototypes to be scalable, easy to duplicate and functional. We do this to ensure the  journey to production will be as smooth as possible. Working together with our partners in the Cronos Groep we are capable of realising any sized IT project. We can easily ensure that the product will be safe, GD-PR-compliant, have 24h support and be integrated in any existing infrastructure.

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